Sebastian Nordh

BA student, metal and fine arts at HDK Campus Steneby, Gothenburg University.

He has a background working over twenty years with material recycling and heavy machinery maintenance. He has a big interest in our industrial history and the impact it has on modern society and manufacturing processes. These subjects is the inspiration in his process of creating.


”This series of objects is a result from my exploration of forms and movement in material created from different dimensions of metal pipes.”

Artist statement

With these sculptures I want to share the serenity I experience while creating, but at the same time, awake a curiosity in the viewer. I have worked to find and explore the shapes and movements of the material when it's put under pressure. Pipes are common industry waste, and an important part of my creation is to use discarded pieces from production processes to reduce my impact on the environment and climate.


Exhibition at Liljevalchs

Vårsalongen 2024

Approved for Liljevalchs exhibition ''Vårsalongen 2024'' in Stockholm 2024 Feb 9 -April 21...